Press release

CAAT Press Release: 12th June 2018

Two weeks until council-sponsored arms fair brings arms dealers and human rights abusers to Glasgow

  • Undersea Defence Technology 2018 (UDT) will bring delegations from 40 countries together with over 50 different arms companies.

  • The arms fair is supported and sponsored by Glasgow Life on behalf of Glasgow City Council.

  • Arms fair will be met with widespread protests and opposition, including a rally on 26 June.

The Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) arms fair will take place at SEC Glasgow, between 26-28 June. It will bring representatives of some of the world’s biggest arms companies together with delegates from around the world.

A guest list has not been published, but organisers say that UDT 2017 was attended by 1400 delegates from 42 different countries.

The event is being ‘supported’ by Glasgow Life, which ‘delivers services on behalf of Glasgow City Council.’Glasgow City Council has consistently defended its association with the event.

Sponsors include BAE Systems, which produces Eurofighter jets that are being used by Saudi forces in Yemen. It is also sponsored by Leonardo, which has been linked to arms being used by Turkish forces in Afrin.

The event’s ‘innovation partner’ is Babcock, which has major contracts for the production and maintenance of trident.

UDT will be widespread protests. A major rally will take place outside the event venue on 26th June at 10am. It is being organised by the Sink the Arms Fair coalition. Groups include Scottish CND, Scotland Against Militarism, CAAT, Scottish PSC, Food Not Bombs and others.

Kate Nevens, of Edinburgh Campaign Against Arms Trade said: Glasgow City Council is trying to pretend this isn’t an arms fair, but many of the companies invited have armed and supported human rights abusing regimes around the world. Others have profited from the production of nuclear weapons.

It is extremely disappointing that the Council is hosting such a terrible carnival of militarism. We will be there to send the message loudly and clearly that the people of Scotland want to sink UDT and end council support for the arms industry.”

If you are planning to write about or attend UDT then CAAT can provide case studies, background information and analysis of the UK and global arms trade.