Our Campaigns

The Edinburgh CAAT group are currently campaigning on the following issues across Scotland:

Sink the Glasgow Arms Fair: a campaign to persuade Glasgow not to host the world’s largest arms manufacturers in their city

From Scotland With Shame: a campaign to highlight the use of Scottish-manufactured weapons in war crimes, including by Saudi Arabia in Yemen and Israel in Gaza.

Divest from Destruction: campaigns to stop Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise to stop investing public funds in arms manufacturers, and to get the Scottish Parliament pension fund, local authority pension funds, universities, churches and other organisations to divest.

From Arms to Renewables: a campaign to show how Scottish jobs currently in the arms industry can transition to jobs in the renewables sector, for the benefit of all

CAAT Scottish Schools Programme: we offer sessions for schools on peace and ending the international arms trade, and monitor arms manufacturers involvement in Scottish schools

Previous campaigns

We successfully campaigned for the Edinburgh Science Fair to drop their sponsorship from Selex, a major international arms company