Developing our 2020 strategy!

2020 Strategy Day

Blog by Edinburgh CAAT volunteer Jessie Normaschild

CAAT Edinburgh gathered on 25 Jan 2020 to plan our 2020 strategy. People from other organisations attended too so we are already liaising and building networks for the year ahead.

We were all gee’d up on what actions we wanted to prioritise.

It was a thought provoking day. We learnt that too often groups go for Tactics before they have thought about the WHY! So we looked at our Goals (what we wanted to achieve), then our Strategy (how were we going to do it) then Tactics (the actual details of each step, who’s sending emails? Who’s got a stencil!? etc)

Our overarching topics were:

Arms sales and the Scottish government: Government investment to encourage Diversification by arms manufacturers – without monitoring if they are!

Arms companies and manufacturing in Scotland: Being just in the supply chain draws less attention than directly manufacturing arms. However, Scotland is producing Electronic Guidance systems, and Simulation training in support of arms use, as well as actual arms!

Group building: Acknowledging the strength of our group and valuing achievements so far. Sharing our successes with other groups as well as following up on them ourselves, for example our successful campaign against UDT (Undersea Defence Technology) in Glasgow.

Arms companies in society: addressing the MoD supported programme for arms companies to go into schools under the banner of STEM (science, engineering, technology and maths)

Spreading peace and building our Movement: We were joined by the Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre, a representative from the Catholic  Bishops’ Justice & Peace network and  Pax Christie,  and representatives from Scottish CND – all networking for peace and wanting to work against arms trade together. Already everyone is mobilising to do this!

It was a full day, by the end of which we felt focused and ready to direct our energy as efficiently as we can to stop arms trade!

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