Glasgow arms fair update: we did it!

At the Glasgow City Council chamber meeting on 29th June, SNP deputy council leader David McDonald said two things that fill us with hope:

“Traditionally that criteria has been in keeping with the main economic drivers of both local and national government. But in addition to those financial and economic criteria we are asking the conventions bureau to ensure an updated policy that recognises Glasgow’s principle position as a human rights respecting city that matches the values and vision set out in our city charter.”

“We must ensure that we protect our conference and conventions business in what is a hugely competitive global market but we will be doing that from now on in a way that reflects our values. is right to say that this event was not an event that we could stop for a whole host of reasons but with a new policy and with a new political commitment in place, you can be sure that this won’t be the kind of event that comes to Glasgow in the future.”

– Councillor David McDonald (SNP)

This is fantastic news, and shows that Glasgow City Council are finally listening to public opinion in the city. Campaign Against Arms Trade and the Sink the Glasgow Arms Fair coalition will continue to keep the pressure on the council until David McDonald’s statements becomes official policy. Stay tuned for further updates.

Read reports on the council meeting by Commonspace and the Herald.

Also worth reading is Tom Freeman’s thoughtful analysis of the wider global issues surrounding local authority support for arms trade, published in Holyrood magazine.

Robert (Edinburgh CAAT)

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